If you are the owner of VR Arena location or planning to build one, you will face multiple challenges of how to manage sales and customer care in a simple and consistent way, how to support both digital channels and on-location operations, how to improve clients loyalty, how to turn gamers into repetitive clients and arrange competitions and tournaments for them. It will require from you a mix of skills like operational processes definition, IT solutions setup, understanding of the VR technologies, systems integration capabilities, etc.

We help you to solve all these problems using our MY.VR ARENA Platform and our knowledge and experience it that kind of solutions.

Our solution is VR ARENA business & operations management platform with a rich set of functionality.

Our MY.VR ARENA solution addresses several levels of VR LBE operations automation:

  • Digital sales & operations management
  • On-location sales & operations management
  • Back-office operations management
  • Technical operations management
  • Supports for partner relationship and settlements management
  • Single or multiple VR locations within the same deployment

You will be able to:

  • Define your products
  • —Sell your products via digital and on-location channels
  • Sell intangible (e.g. game sessions) and tangible (e.g. souvenirs or coffee) items
  • Register your clients and offer them different loyalty scenarios
  • Support teams and tournaments on your location
  • Integrate multiple local solutions into MY.VR ARENA Platform to allow seamless operations.

During the implementation the interface of the MY.VR ARENA Platform will be tuned to support your brand book requirements.

You will be able to manage the whole network of the location from the single operational and managerial interface which works in real-time. 

Business functions which can be automated














Major advantages of the MY.VR ARENA Platform:

  • Whole network of the VR Arena locations is managed within the single integrated platform
  • Drill-down and helicopter views for managers
  • Sales rules are flexible depending on location, product, session, type of the day, the time during the day, discounts, the proximity of the purchase to session date etc.
  • Support for online and on-location sales including tangible items (coffee, T-shirts, souvenirs, etc.)
  • Tournaments support (teams, locations, events, awards, etc.)
  • Integration with game management systems to capture real game statistics that can be used for gamers’ ratings and tournaments
  • Optional integration with local systems (touchscreens, video walls, photo/video cameras, etc.)

We provide detailed information about MY.VR ARENA Platform capabilities upon request.

The following diagram illustrates the architecture of the overall VR ARENA LBE solutions landscape and the place of the MY.VR ARENA Platform within this landscape.

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FAQ about MY.VR ARENA Platform

We provide here answers to most frequently asked questions about our MY.VR ARENA Platform.

You need to contact us to discuss your requirements so that we could prepare the best offer for your particular business case. Based on final requirements specifications we will provide licenses, delivery and support agreements for you to review and sign.

Please leave your contacts and we get back to you asap to arrange a chat to clarify all your questions and discuss your requirements. We can also do the demo session.

Unfortunately, we do not provide trial setups, but we can walk you thru demo solution which is available upon request.

Yes, please contact us and we will arrange the demo session for you.

Yes, most of the functions are available as OOB features and require only admin’s tuning, but to run seamless operations normally one require integration, brand localization, and custom features to run smooth and seamless operation.

Sure! As we provide the platform to support both front- and back-end operations and client-facing functions, MY.VR ARENA platform is designed to be customizable as per customer band book requirements. This work is the standard part of the solution delivery.

Yes, you can use any languages, currencies you need. It can be configured during installation.

Yes! You can manage all your locations within the same platform. You can define rules and access rights which users will be able to see all information or only local data. All product-related information is also location-dependent.

Our platform is VR arcade platforms or VR devices & content agnostic. Most of the functionality of  MY.VR ARENA platform does not depend on particular VR technologies. Integration with VR game management system(s) is only required to support game statistics collection which can be used for players and teams scorings and tournaments.

MY.VR ARENA platform can be installed either on external hosting platforms (almost all of them provide sufficient resources and SW environments which allow platform installation) or at your premises (if you have you own IT infrastructure). To work with our platform both clients and solution operators will need to have internet access to specific URL configured during installation.

In most cases, you don’t need to buy any other SW licenses to run our solution except server OS which normally comes with your hosting service or with local IT infrastructure. Details about supported types of OS can be provided upon request.

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MY.VR ARENA Project Team

MY.VR ARENA Platform project is developed and supported by 2 major partners


TIGURI   tiguri.swiss


IN4COM GROUP   in4comgroup.com

Also we deliver

VR ARENA LBE Solutions

Our team has a lot of experience with VR ARENA LBE (Location-Based Entertainment) business from technical, operational and business perspectives. Therefore we invite partners to work together on these projects in Europe. Our team can provide End-2-End services for your project starting from concept and down to delivery and support or we can build business together as partners.

Please contact us if want to discuss these opportunities with us!

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